Movie Review - HBO "John Adams"

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Recommended Age: 14+ (Adult situations, violence)
Category: Drama, Historical
Rating: 4/5

If you're interested in the politics of the American Revolution, this is definitely the series for you. It contains plenty of fascinating detail, not only about Adams' life, but about the events leading up to and throughout the war. You'll be introduced to the personal lives of John Adams, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and many other prominent historical figures. 

The music, screenplay, and acting are all excellent, despite some minor artistic license used to bring the story to life. That said, there is plenty of explicit content - far more than necessary for historical accuracy. *MINOR SPOILER ALERT* Parents should be advised about some intimate scenes between John and Abigail Adams in several of the episodes, nudity during episodes 1 and 7, and some violence including a fairly graphic tar-and-feather scene and two very intense medical procedures that involve amputation. *END SPOILER ALERT* I would recommend skipping some of these scenes and pre-watching the series before showing it to younger children.

You can purchase Part 1: Join or Die here, or you can purchase the book by David McCullough here.