Website Changes: What to Expect

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How my friends see me (and how I wish I was).
After redesigning my web page and resolving some technical issues (which of course required great skill and finesse), I'd like to explain what my plans are for the future and what you can expect when you visit my page.

1. I'll be posting book and movie reviews, so if you're always looking for something new to read or watch, check back often! I'll also post articles about writing, literature, music, and more at least once a week. Hopefully you'll find many relatable articles about the struggles and joys of being a writer and bookworm.

3. At the top of the page, you'll see links to my Instagram, Twitter, and Wattpad accounts. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for writing memes, updates, and inspirational photos. You can also find my serial short story Ask me Anything on Wattpad.

3. This site is the best place to find updates on my writing, including Stories of the Night (a YA novel published by Ambassador International), OP9 (a visual novel created by Aerial Art Games), Ask Me Anything (Wattpad story), and my current project, Self-Sufficiency.

4. I'm always adding new content, games, and features, so check back often! 

What would you like to see on this site? Let me know in the comments!