Online Resources and Apps for Writers

Do you catch yourself getting easily distracted? Can't find anywhere to share your work with readers? Looking for a socially distanced writer friend to share ideas with? This is the list for you! No matter your writing style, you're sure to find something here to enjoy.

1. Study Bunny Timer App (Google PlayiOS)
    This app will give you a very wholesome reason to get your work done! It allows you to set a timer and earn one coin for each 10 minutes studied. Later, you can use those coins to purchase things for your Study Bunny's room, such as string lights, furniture, and more. The app also comes with a handy checklist and flashcard feature.

2. Polyphony Lit (Website)
    If you're a high school student looking for someone to review your work, look no further! If you follow the guidelines, Polyphony will review your work and offer detailed, constructive criticism. They also host contests and award prizes to young writers, so check back often and see what they're up to!

3. Six Word Memoirs (Instagram)
    How much can you say in only six words? Find out by trying one of SWM's monthly writing prompts, and even join a contest.

4. Lauren's Bookshelf Subreddit (Website)
    Want your work reviewed? Are you a young writer who doesn't know where to start? Got questions about writing that you don't know how to Google? Come visit the subreddit and find a growing community of writers who are excited to see your work! I'll personally review all requests for feedback, and I'm usually available to answer questions and chat about the writing process.

5. uQuiz (Website)
    Give your readers a fun way to engage with your stories by creating a character quiz! This is a great way to get people coming to your site and learning more about your writing. (And while you're at it, check out this quiz from my first book, Stories of the Night.)

6. Discord, Scribes & Scribblers (Server)
    There's plenty to explore in this server, which welcomes fiction authors, poets, photographers, artists, and more! 

Did you enjoy this list? Comment below with resources you'd like to see added, or resources you wish existed but aren't sure how to find, and I'll make another article with more!