Announcing: Into the Unknown (an adventure/sci-fi anthology by the authors of Ambassador International)


I'm THRILLED to be part of the writing team for Into the Unknown, an adventure/sci-fi anthology published by Ambassador International! 

About the Book

Humanity has spread and colonized regions of the galaxies. As their reach expanded, countries, colonies, and planets joined to form the Federated Nations, providing a centralized government among the stars.

Along with the Science Conglomerate—who explores and researches the unknown regions—and the Judicial Clerical Court—purveyors of truth, history, and justice—humanity discovers new beings, wondrous worlds, old temptations, and strength in horrendous trials.

About "Haven," my short story

A dying star. A one-person shelter. A robot for company. Life on a barely habitable planet might be lonely but it's also a great way to run from his past--or so Ozero thinks. But when an unfamiliar spaceship crash-lands near his shelter, Ozero is faced with a decision: will he seek revenge for the destruction of his family or will he find healing through forgiveness?

Sound like your next great read? Pre-order your copy and receive it on August 17th!