I'm thrilled to announce that Into the Unknown, a sci-fi anthology by the authors of Ambassador International (including me) has finally released!! Woo-hoo!! 

I first received the email inviting me to write for this anthology while I was on a road trip in the family trailer. Back then, it was just a spark of an idea, barely past the initial "Oh! Let's try this!" phase. Little did I know that it would become something so big, beautiful, and exciting as the book I now have downloaded to my Kindle. Fast-forward to today, and after many hours of writing, editing, and advertising, my feelings about this book are best expressed by the Goodreads author review I wrote:

We had technical glitches. We had writers' block. We had to make changes to our stories - changes we weren't always excited about (cutting words, changing plots, resolving inconsistencies, etc.) We learned to work together as a team, and despite our challenges, we ultimately succeeded. Into the Unknown is the product of creativity, perseverance, hard work, and most of all, God's blessing! 

Now that the sappy part of the celebration is over, let's move on to the good stuff.

Title: Into the Unknown: Seven Short Stories of Faith and Bravery

Authors: Lauren SmythDaphne Self, Daniel Peyton, Eric Landfried, Allen Steadham, P.S. Patton, Jake Tyson

Genres: Science fiction, action, adventure (think Star Trek!)

Synopsis: Humanity has spread and colonized the galaxies. As their reach expanded, countries, colonies, and planets joined to form the Federated Nations, providing a centralized government among the stars.

Along with the Science Conglomerate, which explores and researches the unknown regions, and the Judicial Clerical Court, purveyors of truth, history, and justice, humanity discovers new beings, wondrous worlds, old temptations, and strength in seemingly insurmountable trials.

Synopsis of my short story ("Haven"): A dying star. A one-person shelter. A robot for company. Life on a barely habitable planet might be lonely, but it's also a great way to run from his past--or so Ozero thinks. But when an unfamiliar spaceship crash-lands near his shelter, he's faced with a decision: will he seek revenge for the destruction of his family, or will he find healing - and a second chance to pursue his dreams - through forgiveness?

How to purchase: You can enjoy this book on Kindle, smartphones, tablets, and laptops by purchasing the eBook from Amazon. Read on Nook or the Nook app by purchasing from Barnes & Noble, or join the Android Supremacy clan by purchasing from Google Play

Today (18 August 2021) I'll be hosting a Q&A on my Instagram story, so if you want to learn about the book, the publishing process, my writing process, or anything else related to writing, be sure to stop by!