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Author Interview: Sam Carter

Enjoy a fascinating interview with Sam Carter, author of Dying to Live.
When did you begin writing, and what inspired you to start?

I dabbled in the writing a little while in college, but nothing really came of it. It wasn’t until 7 years ago when I really started to write. At that time I was in between jobs and spent most of my time looking for work. Knowing that I was going stir crazy, my brother, who was living in Australia working in baseball, asked me if I would write an article for a sports magazine there because he wouldn’t be able to do that for them that month. I wrote an article about one of the players there who had a stand out season and I remembered just how much I loved to write.
Right after I finished writing that article, I started putting pen to paper (actually, I mostly typed) to write my first book where the antagonist was an Australian baseball player who was having a stand out season while playing in America and using his fame to carry out a plot to hurt the people…

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