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Comfort: The Forgotten Reason You Don't Want to Write

"Ergonomics" is a fancy word writers don't often use or think about. But if you're uncomfortable when you write, you won't want to write. If your wrists hurt, or your neck aches, or you knees tighten up, and you feel like you can't stand to sit at your computer for another second, you'll eventually begin associating this discomfort with writing.  And then what? The best way to prevent this is to avoid the discomfort in the first place. One of the problems I face as a "vertically challenged" writer with a "unique height situation" (who has to ask people at restaurants for help with raising the umbrella) is the fact that my feet don't touch the floor when I'm sitting at my desk. In my case, especially because I've had surgery on my knee, this can get extremely uncomfortable after only a few minutes of work.  After years of propping my feet up on the edge of a trash can (who needs their Achilles tendon anyway?) I found a soluti

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