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Becoming a Productive Writer & Student

I'm a full-time college student, majoring in economics and minoring in journalism. I have a part-time job as a marketing writer. I also write and publish books, articles, short stories - you name it. I participate in extracurriculars (playing tennis, attending economics events, etc.). I have two radio shows, and I do weekly news and weather reports. Here's the best part: I also have a social life, and  I get eight hours of sleep. What could be better? Despite what sounds on paper like a productive college experience, I often struggle with feeling that I'm not productive enough. Every student doubtless asks themselves the same question: Could I do more? Probably, yes. But here's the question we often forget to ask: Should  I do more?  Before swearing off laziness and undertaking the holy vows of productivity, ask yourself this question. Are you already doing enough? Do you really have time to add more, or should you make substitutions instead? For example, last semester

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