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How to Write Character Archetypes

  ar·che·type /ˈärkəˌtīp/ Learn to pronounce noun noun :  archetype ;  plural noun :  archetypes a very typical example of a certain person or thing. "the book is a perfect archetype of the genre" an original that has been imitated. "the archetype of faith is Abraham" a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology. "mythological archetypes of good and evil" I love archetypal characters. Maybe more than I should. Let's take the cast of my novel Made for Mercy  (which is currently on sale if you need a late summer read!) as an example.  Here we see: - The kind, sweet, cutesy girl with a pink bedroom and lots of candy who is actually a super-secret, super-skilled military psychologist (Kita) - The extremely quiet male romantic interest with a tragic backstory and really just an overall tragic story, he didn't deserve what he got (Rin) - The physically strong, mentally scarred female main character who feels a constant need to prove her

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