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Studying, Writing, & Working: Writing Through the Busyness

As of about two (or was it three?) months ago, I'm a college student, which means I'm unfamiliar with the elusive concept known as "free time." I spend most of my days attending classes, doing homework, and working in my school's marketing department. Occasionally I play tennis. Occasionally I buy a new cactus (I've gotten two so far; one was purchased from a man in a tricornered hat, which makes it that much cooler). Occasionally I listen to the proverbial libertarian vs. socialist debate in the cafeteria. Occasionally I sleep. But what I often find myself not  doing is the thing I love most - writing. I attend the creative writing club - in fact, I'm a fully-fledged member and can vote for the next president - but it can be hard to find time to write outside that group, which only meets for 1.5 hours per week. So what's a writer to do? Give up writing for four years? Skip class and accept straight C's on assignments?  No. Don't do either of t

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