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I'm thrilled to announce that Into the Unknown,  a sci-fi anthology by the authors of Ambassador International (including me) has finally released!! Woo-hoo!!  I first received the email inviting me to write for this anthology while I was on a road trip in the family trailer. Back then, it was just a spark of an idea, barely past the initial "Oh! Let's try this!" phase. Little did I know that it would become something so big, beautiful, and exciting as the book I now have downloaded to my Kindle. Fast-forward to today, and after many hours of writing, editing, and advertising, my feelings about this book are best expressed by the Goodreads author review I wrote: We had technical glitches. We had writers' block. We had to make changes to our stories - changes we weren't always excited about (cutting words, changing plots, resolving inconsistencies, etc.) We learned to work together as a team, and despite our challenges, we ultimately succeeded. Into the Unknown

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