“There’s nothing you can’t see if you look at the stars. Lions, queens, dragons, hunters. The world of the stars is the world in which everything is possible.”

Lauren Smyth, Coming Soon



With Love from the Past

The story begins in darkness—literally—as Ari wakes up to realize that staying locked in her room won’t pay her electricity bills. So when she’s offered a job with the National Drug Enforcement Bureau, she’s forced to accept or starve. This is her last chance for a new start. Except, the next day, one of her teammates is dead.

The police call it a suicide, but Ari knows better. The night of her teammate’s death, she found a cryptic riddle taped to her door that poses five possible killers: Ari, her three teammates, and a mysterious “other” who just might be the city’s top drug dealer. Nobody can be trusted. Suddenly, Ari finds herself dragged into a wild game of anonymity, desperation, and regret that leaves her with a choice: forgive and accept her past, or try to keep it hidden no matter who it hurts.

Recommended for ages 14+.


Made for Mercy

Barely out of their teens and trained as assassins, Rigel members are taught that the Kalideyes are evil and must be destroyed.

Makise—code name Maru—and her team fight against all odds during their training with the Rigel organization to rid her country of the dreaded “people” called Kalideyes. Friends have blue eyes. Enemies have brown. Green. Grey. But never blue. And that's how they got their name.

As Maru prepares for her first mission, she realizes that relying on herself in times of crisis isn’t enough, but her teammates are as broken as she is. When she is forced to fight for her life, who will be there to save her?

It won’t be long before Maru learns the truth behind the enemy, but will this be enough to lead her to safety?

Recommended for ages 16+.


Stories of the Night

Thirteen-year-old Alisen is having a nightmare.

Her dream gets more detailed and longer every night, but the terror remains the same. She chalks it up to bad pizza--until she meets Kale. The kid from down the street, who's having the exact same dream.

On a quest for answers, Alisen and Kale delve into world politics and biblical prophecy. Together, they discover that every event, every person, every place in their dreams has a counterpart in real life. And that's a problem, because they've been dreaming about the apocalypse.

As prophecy becomes reality and dreams become truth, the two must choose whether to turn to God or to each other to save them from the inevitable end.

Recommended for ages 11+.

”Well written and engaging. You can tell that this book has been well researched. All the elements were molded together into the plot seamlessly."

- E. Yager

”Lauren Smyth is a fabulous author. With Love From the Past is a well-written, intense mystery thriller .... Smyth includes many twists, turns, and surprises."

- Jane M.

”This exciting, fast-paced story kept me turning pages from start to finish, hardly able to put it down."

- K. M. Conklin


"This was a really harrowing tale of intrigue ... describing the details in a poetic way that grips every emotion."

- KarToon12


DYSTOPIA (2026?)

For the Love of U

The green stuff is pixie dust. It is madness. It is magic. And everyone knows what happens when you give mortals a wand.

Ever since the rain turned green, Kyrie’s hometown has been bathed in glowing residue of the apocalypse. The girls use green dust as makeup. The kids turn it into glitter showers. After all, there’s not much else to do when everyone outside one former military outpost died from the plague-bearing rain ten years ago.

Everyone—except the man in the rubber mask.

He’s on the wrong side of the protective fence. Huffing infected air like it’s nothing. Babbling about college and umbrellas and yogurt and everything else that disappeared the day it rained. He’s got no explanation for how he’s avoiding the plague outside the compound, but Kyrie doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Whoever the man is, he’s right about one thing: Towns without secrets aren’t surrounded by chain-link fences. And chain-link fences aren’t great at keeping out plagues.

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