Book Review: Kaiyo - The Lost Nation by Cliff Cochran

What happens when an ordinary family from the wild Montana woods encounters a little grizzly cub whose mother has been killed? Join the McLeods in solving the terrifying mystery behind bear attacks and a silent hunter known only as the Tracker. Choose your path wisely in this battle for the very essence of mankind.

Kaiyo - The Lost Nation is the first book in a series which is certain to leave you wanting more. Fast-paced and filled with intense action scenes, there's never a dull moment reading this book. The story is told in first person through the eyes of each McLeod - Sam, Susan, Libby, Dean, and Grace - and the unknown hunter called the Tracker. This, coupled with intensely described battle scenes, draws you, the reader, into the story until you live each moment vividly and empathize with the characters.

Slowly, as the book progresses, you'll realize that the book's premise is not as simple as you might think at the beginning. This is a story of rural Montana, where a family fights to protect each other from a very natural danger - bears. But there's a much greater significance to the struggle, one that will force you to think deeply to find out just what the McLeods are up against.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intense action paired with subtle, thought-provoking themes!

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 Kaiyo- The Lost Nation is the first of an exciting trilogy… coming soon:
  • “Raphael” expected book launch late summer/fall of 2019.
  • “Defectors” expected book launch early spring of 2020.