Introducing La Chatonne D'Avignon (A Free French Study Tool)


Are you learning French for the first time? Studying for the French AP exam? Looking for inspiration for your French novel? Search no further! La Chatonne D'Avignon (The Cat of Avignon) is a new series of short videos designed to teach you French in a fun, engaging way - through classic nursery rhymes! 

- Enjoy Parisian French teacher Sabine's readings, bringing you authentic pronunciation and accurate translation. 

- Use this free resource as much as you'd like - the videos are publicly available on YouTube (or through this page on my blog).

- Join Mittens, the official Chatonne D'Avignon, on her quest for the purr-fect blanket, the tastiest blade of grass, and much more!

- Perfect for everyone from kids just starting to learn French, to adults honing their skills

Start learning French today!