These are both games I've written the scripts for! If you enjoyed my books, or if you're looking for an immersive action/adventure thriller, you'll love both these stories.


Play as Ami Madison, professional translator and new recruit in a secret organization known only as OP9. When asked to leave your desk job and join six advanced recruits on a dangerous mission into the Soviet Union, will you accept?

OP9 is structured like a novel and immersive like a movie. With an extensive soundtrack, captivating art, and many different story routes determined by the player's choices, there's something for everyone to love. The game includes 8+ hours of play in each route.

Commentary by players:

"I genuinely think this is one of the best stories I've ever read ... I'm even tearing up now thinking of it."

"[The story] was a very emotional journey for me."

"This game made me feel true anxiety, sorrow, and joy."

"This game.. oh my God, this game. This is wonderful in so many ways that I can't even describe. It's beautifully written, and even in the most heartbreaking scenes still manages to make me laugh. Text based games are rarely ever able to make me cry, but this one did."


Two voices are giving you polar opposite directions - literally. They both claim they want to help you escape.

The catch?

Both of them want to kill you.

Use the voices against each other to survive and regain your freedom.