Order Stories of the Night

Alisen, a teenage girl, is routinely awakened by the same terrifying dream.

The nightmare gets more detailed and longer every night, but the terror remains the same. She tries to dismiss it as something she ate, or maybe a book she read, but then she meets Kale.

Kale is having the same nightmares.

Believing there must be a deeper meaning, Alisen and Kale delve into politics and biblical prophecy. Together, they discover that everything in their dreams has a counterpart in real life, which leads them to believe that something terrible is coming. Is there any way avoid this catastrophe and save thousands of lives? Or will their worst dreams come true? They must choose whether to turn to God or to each other to save them from the very end of the world.

Stories of the Night combines political intrigue, biblical prophecy, and military adventure into a suspenseful story that leaves the reader with the choice of where to place their ultimate hope.

Reviews for Stories of the Night:

"Enjoying this fictional drama!"

"If you love supporting teen authors, you will love this book. It combines intrigue, end of times prophecy, and adventure into a suspenseful story that leaves the reader with much to ponder."

"Well written and engaging. You can tell that this book has been well researched. All the elements were molded together into the plot seamlessly."

"Can't wait to read more from this author."

Order Made for Mercy

Barely out of their teens and trained as assassins, Rigel members are taught that the Kalideyes are evil and must be destroyed.

Makise—now named Maru—and her team fight against all odds during their training within the Rigel organization to rid her country of the dreaded and mysterious “people” called Kalideyes. Facing horrors, nightmares, depression, and injuries, how many will survive?

As Maru prepares for her first mission, she realizes that relying on herself in times of crisis isn’t enough, but her teammates are as broken as she is. When she is forced to fight for her life, who will be there to save her?

It won’t be long before Maru learns the truth behind the enemy and an even bigger truth, but are these enough to lead her to safety?

Reviews for Made for Mercy:

"I'm not sure I have words. Do you ever cry when you read books? Cuz I did. It was a piece of art."

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